Pacific City, OR


   Summer has come early in the beautiful state of Oregon! Yesterday was the perfect day, spent driving through the Tillamook State Forest en route to Cape Kiwanda in Pacific City. The sun was out, the skies were blue, and it was the kind of day where the breeze is perfect in the sun but chilly in the shade. The pace of the day was slow, we had nothing more to do than to travel the open road. Windows down, music jamming, dog panting out the window - back to the life-in-a-tent mindset and ready to explore uncharted territory.

   Pacific City. 

   A cute, quaint coastal town with not much more than residential streets, dive restaurants and bars, a deep deep forest and a beach that goes on and on. The most noteworthy feature can be found at the north end of the beach where a great giant sand dune leads out to an ocean-carved, sculptural cliff line. Imagine a sand dune meets a canyon meets an ocean meets the moon!

   As Floridians we have experienced many beaches in our days, but none quite like this. Running up the sand dunes felt more like scaling a mountain, and from the oceanside overlooks you could see snow nestled in the distance along the Coastal mountain range. Viewing snowy peaks from a warm sunny beach - now that was a first! We explored every twist and turn of the undulating landscape and at every angle, a different perspective with pristine panoramic views.


man on the moon

   Two memorable moments of the day - First was at our little spot perched atop the cliff overlooking the Pacific, watching the waves roll in from the blue abyss, and second was running down the giant dune full speed with Brad & Buffy in tow (as well as a group of 12-13 year old boys). Finishing the day at the Pelican Brewery and making friends with the local Pacific dwellers (age 55+..) was a pretty sweet cherry on top! So was the sack of oysters we picked up at a shack along the bay!! Another trip to the coast in the books, and another reminder why I am so very happy & grateful we live here.


cape kiwanda, or

beach babes


Oregon - You're my favorite.

Love to love you. Thanks for loving me back.

xoxo, Tent Girl

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