Lately... There has been a whole lot of disconnection from the unnecessaries and a reconnection to the essentials. This means that despite it being winter, there has been much time spent outside, adventuring, enjoying each other and seeking the all the fun and magic our first true winter has to offer. It's been surprisingly warm and mild this winter, which sucks as far as the slopes are concerned but is ideal given it is the first true winter for these Floridians.

   We've snowboarded, we've hiked, we've taken day trips to the coast and we've boozed our way around Portland's slew of breweries. It's been so nice to have our families here to share in our fun, enjoy the time we have just the two of us, and familiarize ourselves with these places we yearned so badly to know. Blogging took a backseat and the living and loving and enjoyment was front and center.

So here is a quick recap and a few snapshots into our first Winter in Portland.

The (entire) family came to visit! Christmas in Portland!!

First & only day it snowed in the city was, sure enough, christmas eve!! Had our first white christmas together, got dressed up to see the nutcracker, brad carried on his dad's tradition of beef wellington for christmas dinner, and our park came alive in a way we never could have imagined.

We spent our New Years Eve on the coast - playing on the beach, eating yummy clam chowder, and closing the year with the most spectacular sunset.

I mean, seriously... is this real life?



we've been snowboarding a ton (!!!!), including a weekend getaway on the mountain with the baskind's! and yes, i am finally starting to get the hang of it! you know, shreddin' the gnar....or whatever..

We've enjoyed a few lazy hazy rainy weekends in Bridgetown...

and even popped up to Seattle for a day to see our hawaii ohana! because we can!! being on this side of the country does have it's perks!!

& that's all for now!

The adventure continues...


xoxo, The Baskinds

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