The Season of Hygge

And just like that - Summer is OFFICIALLY over!

Over at the Kind house, we are welcoming the turn of the season and honoring the darker gloomy days by resting, reflecting, and getting SUPER cozy!

Turning on the twinkling lights, fluffing all the soft pillows and blankets, lighting all the candles, beginning each day with a hot drink and ending with a warm bath… This, my friends, is what hygge is all about - and one of the biggest reasons why I love this season.

If you’ve never heard of hygge but you share my love for all these things, then look at you! You’re already a hygge master!

Hygge (pronounced Hoo-gah) is a Scandic term and lately a sort of buzzword that encapsulates all the soft and cozy things we love about this time of year. Put simply, it is a way of living well and appreciating the simple things that bring us joy and soothe the soul. The Nordic region of the world coined the term, which makes a lot of sense because it is the very essence or feeling that crafts and composes most of their days.

The Danish meaning of the word is quite literally “to give courage, comfort, and joy.” (Cue the Christmas music!!) When spoken in the Nordic region, hygge refers to “an everyday togetherness” and embodies Scandic ideas of designing for comfort, wellness, contentment and company. It’s speculated to have stemmed from other words like hug, to embrace, mood, etc., and from all I have come to understand, the best way I can describe hygge is that - ISSA VIBE.

And honestly, what could be more similar to the Kind Design craft than that?

So here we are to pay it forward this season by spreading the hygge spirit with a few simple steps to help you turn up the coziness in your world.


--- in 10 simple steps ---

  1. Create an ambiance.

    The first step is to curate an environment that is warm, welcoming, and comfortable. Start by cleaning and clearing your space, then filling it with soft textures, heavy knits, furry hides, and things that sparkle.

  2. Stoke the fire.

    To hygge is to create an enclosed circle of soft warmth and light. The mesmerizing dance of flames to the music of snaps, crackles, and pops will surely get your hygge vibe ignited. A gas fireplace or wood burning stove work well too, or you could simply light a few candles - anything that starts to set the mood. As much as you can, no overhead lights allowed! Only the soft glow and lamps, candles, and the like.

  3. so many books, so little time.

    Tis the season to catch up on all those books you’ve been collecting! Spruce up your library with books that satisfy all your latest musings, cozy up in a comfortable spot, and pour yourself a hot drink. Tea, coffee, or hot chocolate will do the trick, and if you’re really in the hygge groove, bake yourself some sweet cinnamon treats.

  4. Give me all the fuzzies.

    Hygge is all about making yourself comfortable, so grab your fluffiest pair of socks, a soft weekend jumper, your thickest knitted scarf and your favorite furry blanket - and get cozy.

  5. Slow cook a hearty meal.

    Slow cook a veggie chili or beef stew, grab a glass of wine, and enjoy the warmth of savory smells wafting in from the kitchen! But of course, in hygge fashion, always make plenty to share (and fresh bread). Try this delicious Deer Valley Chili recipe - it’s Brad’s favorite.

  6. be with the ones you love.

    Either face-to-face or in spirit, to truly celebrate the hygge season you must surround yourself with the ones you love. Doing so conjures feelings of comfort and contentment, and captures the quiet satisfaction of knowing you have everything you need. Story telling around the fire, sending cards to loved ones afar, and reminiscing with little gifts and treasures you’ve accumulated over the year(s). Tis the season to take the time to reach out and remind your loved ones just how much they are loved.

  7. Ritualize.

    In the waning days of the season, life does not stop but you can certainly treat the way you do things differently. Opt for a long hot bath instead of a quick shower rinse, dress your dinner table with candles and a vase of your favorite flowers, spritz yourself or your space with your favorite aromas and take a moment to really breathe it in. The smallest actions, if done every day, become the rites to everyday existence and speak to the heart. The way we spend our days is the way we spend our lives.

  8. Connect with nature.

    Whether you dwell in rural landscapes or small city apartments, there are ways to connect and surround yourself with the beauty and simplicity of nature. Bring the outdoors in by adorning your environment with houseplants and opening the windows to let fresh air in. Cozy up next to a big window and feel the pace of nature, the cycles of growth and decay, and the seasonal rhythms reflected in our own beings.

  9. Slow down & be present.

    Modern day life moves at light speed and can really wear on the human spirit. Take these darker days and longer nights as an invitation to slow down and turn within. Look away from all the screens that surround you and focus your energy in the moment. Re-awaken the art of conversation, the beauty of a board game, and the perplexity of a puzzle. It’s not so much about the silence of meditation, but the art of noticing and connecting with your present experience through simple means. If we don’t take the time to slow and be present, we could find that life has passed us by.

  10. give thanks.

    Practice small acts of love and gratitude - for yourself and for others. It’s about rediscovering a way to appreciate the important things that are otherwise lost due to simplicity or familiarity. Hygge is about having less and enjoying more. It’s about appreciating the light in the room as the morning arrives. It’s about crafting our home and our world in a way that creates a frame for life that is truly for living.

In a world that is ever more uncertain, we can all savor the goodness and grace of hygge, whether through planting the seeds of beautiful things to come, basking in a moment of pleasure as the day slips into a twilight, or simple acts of love and kindness. In the words of Danish poet Hans Christian Andersen, “‘Just living is not enough’, said the butterfly, ‘one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.’”

Hoping this helps you greet the hygge season with happiness and contentment.

May you enjoy all the simple moments that a hygge life can bring.

Life, DesignKarlene Baskind