Moving Across the Country & Into A Completely Different Life quite possibly one of the best decisions we ever could have made. 

The energy surrounding such a drastic daily change in life is completely transformational and liberating. Every day I find myself waking up to this new life we have dreamed about and manifested and now created for ourselves - It's absolutely surreal that it is finally a reality. Every day, I catch myself in little moments of joy and just start beaming, smiling ear to ear and feeling so giddy and excited all over again. This is my life! The life I have wanted and planned for and finally can step into. It feels so revitalizing and refreshing.

A reoccurring thought surrounding this whole transition for me is how drastically where you live can change you. We have felt completely culture shocked - in a good way!!! The Portland way of life is SO DIFFERENT than anything we have previously ever known, with more bicycling commuters than drivers, recycling and compost bins bigger than garbage bins, more people walking around the city and so quick to say hi and strike up a conversation. 

There's so many little details that comprise our new lives that I could sit here and marvel over, but what really says it best is that my heart feels WIDE OPEN. I feel relaxed, receptive, and ready for anything. Every day is a new adventure, whether it's hiking the endless trails of the PNW or trying out a new market. They say life begins when you step out of your comfort zone, and I kind of feel like we have not just taken a step but totally thrust ourselves into a whole new world of people, of life, and of possibilities. 

Moving across the country has been a true learning and growing experience for both Brad & I already, and I find it elevating our relationship beyond where it ever was before. We don't have anything or anyone but each other to rely on (& the Buffalo, of course), and I look forward to coming home to each other at the end of the day and sharing stories about all the interesting people, places, and situations we've encountered. Moving anywhere new is full of new experiences and adventures, but when it's such a drastic, dynamic change of pace and environment - it intensifies the transformation that much more.

Our Journey Across the Country!
Blairsville, Denver, Salt Lake City, & Lots of time in the car!

A few shots from the first month in our new home

So one month into our new adventure and so far, sooooo GOOD! Although Brad & I miss our friends & family back home in Florida, Portland is just a cool place to inhabit and I feel so happy to call it our home. I wake up each morning ready to shed more layers, day by day, uncovering a new, better version of myself. It's safe to say we are off to a great start and it is only the beginning . . .

Here's to our Portland years, babe. May they be some of the best!!

TravelKarlene Baskind