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Hello & welcome!

   At the moment, I am standing at the beginning of a wild adventure beckoning before me. I am a Florida native that has just packed up what little I own and ventured across the US to live in & explore the lush, rolling hills of Portland, OR. Yes, I know it sounds crazy, but if it's crazy to live life like it matters then I don't care if I'm completely insane!

   My story leading up to this seems long but I'll keep it short & sweet. I just turned 28, I'm married to the love of my life Bradley Baskind, I've gone to college twice and hold degrees in Business and Interior Design, I have a cuter than life adorable pup named Buffy, and I am always anticipating a new adventure. I love to learn and am constantly throwing myself into life situations that I feel are calling my name . . . you know, that little whisper in life that kind of tells you where you need to go. I'm a certified yoga teacher with an infinite interest in all things yoga & spirituality, and have traveled through much of my 20's - which is sort of what has inspired this crazy idea to move across the country.

   A few years back, my now husband & I hopped in his Kia Sorento (affectionately referred to as Baby Kia) with another crazy idea to drive around the entire country seeking out amazing natural phenomenon and letting the US National Parks guide our way. We visited cities, landscapes, friends & family, and ended at an amazing music festival celebrating life with all our friends. Needless to say it was a totally epic journey, and has inspired this new journey before us. We drove in a massive circle around the US which you can read about here, and out of all the amazing places we discovered, the state of Oregon is what truly took our breath away, leaving a rather permanent mark.

   If you've been to Oregon I'm sure you understand, as it is a natural, untouched gem of splendor resting quietly between Washington State and California. The population is modest and the forests are expansive. The nature Oregon boasts is just crazy, out of this world, comprised of mountain ranges, stratified hills, rivers, gorges, coastline, craters, volcanos, wildlife, and waterfalls - What more could a nature lover ask for! Not only that, but it is a great launching pad to explore the rest of the West Coast, Pacific Northwest, Western Provinces of Canada, even Alaska and possibly the Asian Pacific - All bucket list items of ours. This entire region of the world has called to me for some time, and together with my husband, we have decided that now is the time to go.

   My husband Brad & I are young and discovering the potential of both our careers, so we have chosen to settle in Portland for a multitude of reasons. During our road trip, we spent all of 48 hours in Portland, and let me tell you that was enough to know that it is where we want to be. Filled with kind people, lively music, artists of all kind, good eats, funky vibes, and (again) beautiful nature, Portland lends itself to the young progressive innovators of tomorrow while simultaneously forming a playground of all things yummy and beautiful. It's a culture we were instantly enamored by and feel the need to embrace & be a part of.

   So that's my story, and it's kind of interesting because though I felt at times I was aimlessly wandering through, when I look back over the course of things it all starts to make a lot of sense. Life is funny in that way and I have to say, it feels good to be in a place where I can see & feel the momentum and ride the wave.

   I wanted to create this space because I feel a desire to document my path and my travels so that family & friends can follow along, and also so one day I might look back and discover an alignment to a higher truth or understanding of some kind. I also hope to lend a light and inspire ambition and adventure in the lives of others. I firmly believe that life is what you make it and your story is waiting to be told . . .


Follow along as I tell mine.

Hello, Portland.

xoxo . . . Karlene

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