Life in a Tent

Hands down - One of the best, most epic, most risky decisions in my life - was jumping in my now husband Brad's Kia Sorrento and setting out on a journey to drive around the entire US of A. We had minimal funds, a semi plan/itinerary, a serious thirst for adventure, and a WHOLE LOTTA LOVE! Needless to say it was life changing, and I could never be more thankful for the experience and that little voice in my heart that told me to stop worrying and asking questions and: just go.

You can read all about our journey on Life in a Tent, a blog I created to document our journey - and to be honest I miss our tent life ALL THE TIME. My yearning to spend more of my days sleeping under the stars and waking up to the sounds of nature away from society and the madness of life is SO REAL, and something I plan to do more of now that we are here in the Pacific Northwest.

And on that note - may Tent Girl’s travels continue . . . 

TravelKarlene Baskind