Sunset Beach & Astoria

Hands down, one of the most beautiful epic natural phenomenons in this world is: the sunset.

   It's a gift that humans get to experience the sunrise and sunset every single day without fail. In my eyes that's something to celebrate. There's something so special about the dawning of a new day and the fading into a dark night that makes the world come alive and the stars shine so bright. 

What has inspired me to feel this way? Oh, just a trip to the Oregon coast . . . *Sigh* . . . 

   Completely different from the sandy sunny shores of Florida, it is a rough, rugged, harsh environment. Trade the bikinis for boots and a jacket and you will find it a grand, enchanting, and down right SPECTACULAR experience! The coastline climbs and falls in and out of the Pacific all the way up and down the state and let me tell you, it is an adventure to follow. 



   Our good friend (AKA brother) was spending some time in the beautifully historic Astoria, OR, and visiting him was an adventure in and of itself. We met up on a sunny chilly October day, bopped around the breweries in the harbor, said hello to the sea lions barking under the docks, collected some goodies for a tailgate feast from the local grocer, and proceeded to follow Briston to his special spot. He was so excited . . . And now I know why!!!


   We drove through the forest, then out through the dunes and onto the biggest, longest, widest beach. This special little spot in the world is Sunset Beach, where it literally just keeps going - the beach & the sunset. The latitude of our location really allows you to soak up every bit of the magic of a transitioning sunset. I swear they last forever.

   Buffy of course knows & loves the smell of the ocean so she was geeking in the backseat as soon as we put the windows down. (She knew something was up when she met the sea lions earlier that day . . .) We drove down the beach a ways and picked our spot - a few logs on their sides and a little hole for a fire. We broke out the goodies & treats and had a truly exquisite feast - along with a few glasses of wine, lit up a fire & watched the sun make a most colorful display.




   We laughed and jumped and ran and laid under the stars . . . It was breathtaking and whimsical and a pretty magical night - to say the least! Sometimes the best family is the family you choose, and these are the things I am most thankful for in this life - beautiful days that turn into magical nights, and great friends that turn into your closest family.

Swooning with the moon,


xoxo, Tent Girl

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